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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

The Law Firm of Samuel M. Spatzer, P.A., represents those who have suffered disabling injuries and have had claims wrongfully denied under their disability insurance. When someone is disabled through illness or injury to the extent that they cannot engage in gainful employment in their occupation or profession, Mr. Spatzer has been successful in obtaining disability benefits for those disabled clients who are fortunate enough to have purchased disability insurance either privately or through their employer.

There have been many instances where insurance carriers have wrongfully denied disability benefits and payments to claimants who were entitled to receive them.  In some cases, Insurance companies have been known to engage in acts designed to frustrate and thwart the successful presentation of disability claims. Professional negligence can occur when your insurance agent procured insurance for you of different type than you thought you were receiving. Resulting in the benefits not being the same as you thought you had purchased.

Mr. Spatzer is qualified and equipped to vigorously handle claims for disability benefits against insurance carriers wrongfully denying benefits.

Unfair and Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Did you know that insurance companies have an obligation to their insureds to act responsibly and on behalf of their clients? There are laws and regulations imposing a duty and responsibility of insurance companies to act fairly and to follow insurance practices to protect the insured where claims have been brought. In short, insurance companies have a duty to act fairly with regard to their insured. Unfortunately, many times insurance companies do not act in the best interest of the insured but act in the best interest of the insurance company. When this occurs, the failure of an insurance company to act on behalf of the insured may constitute bad faith. Where bad faith occurs, it can result in financial losses and damages to the insured. Mr. Spatzer is able to analyze and determine if a claim for bad faith handling of insurance matters exist on behalf of a victim and to pursue the claim against the insurance company where the facts support the claims for bad faith.

If you own an insurance policy, you rightfully assume that your insurance company will honor that policy if you need to file a claim. Unfortunately, more often than not, this is not the case. Insurance companies often limit and even deny coverage of a claim without proper justification or warning to their clients. These unfair claims are also known as "bad faith" practices. Unfortunately it is the policyholders most dependent on the protection promised by the insurance policies that are most often the victims of these unethical practices.

"Bad faith" insurance law arose because too many insurance companies were taking advantage of their policyholders by taking their monthly or annual premiums, yet refusing to pay for legitimate claims. Many clients did not have the money to pursue the matter in court, and subsequently had to drop their claim. Fortunately, thanks to the passage of 'bad faith" insurance law, this is no longer the case.

The law firm of Samuel Spatzer, P.A. represents consumers whose claims have been wrongfully denied or who have been deliberately mistreated by their disability or life insurance carriers. Attorney Samuel Spatzer represents individuals in Miami, Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando, Dade and Broward counties and throughout Florida in disputes against their insurance providers.

Contact Florida Insurance Law Lawyers

If you believe your insurance carrier is wrongfully denying your disability or life insurance claim, contact the law firm of Samuel Spatzer, P.A. immediately.

Samuel Spatzer represents clients in Miami, Tampa, Melbourne, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Homestead, the Florida Keys, Broward and Dade counties and throughout Florida. He has handled cases throughout the entire country.

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Insurance Law

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